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360Floor Cleaning Service

Founded in 2018, we are a licensed, experienced, insured and a bonded factory floor sweeping and scrubbing company. We are dedicated to providing full-scale floor deep cleaning and maintenance services to warehouses, factories, industrial and commercial businesses.

Our team also works with realtors, owners, property management companies and leaseholders.

What We Do

As our name suggests, we offer 360-degree floor cleaning services. From warehouse floor scrubbing & concrete floor cleaning to Epoxy removal, concrete floor grinding services, and monthly floor maintenance services, we have expertise in all other areas that we specialize in; including

  • Application of floor sealants,
  • Commercial building ceiling cleaning.
  • New construction floor clean up.
  • Power washing.
  • Industrial ceiling cleaning and dusting.
  • Parking garage cleaning.
  • Gym floor mat cleaning and sanitizing.
  • Industrial freezer floor cleaning service.



How We Do it!

To deliver what we promise, we have a team of highly-experienced and well-trained cleaning specialists who will come well-equipped to your property for a cleanup job on your scheduled time.

We have the expertise and knowledge on how to use the latest cleaning equipment and technologies to deep clean and sanitize your property to complete satisfaction.

Our team uses eco-friendly and green products for cleaning warehouses and factories. We strive to provide you with a spotlessly clean, germ-free and a healthy work environment.

“To provide top quality and excellence of cleaning services to commercial property owners with complete satisfaction great cost-savings and reduced downtime.”

“To become the leading deep cleaning company in Metro Atlanta, USA”

Our business values are part of our business DNA and at the core of everything that we do and how we serve our clients. They are our pillar of strength and serve as guiding principles in the way we work.

  • To serve clients with integrity.
  • Provide them with quality cleaning services.
  • Help them achieve targeted goals.
  • Deliver excellence in service, each and every time.

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